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DAPC Regulations

The Division of Air Pollution Control (DAPC) develops and enforces rules in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC). These rules assist the state of Ohio to:

  • Attain and maintain the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) contained in the Clean Air Act
  • Fulfill the requirements set forth by the Ohio General Assembly in Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 3704
  • Protect and maintain healthy air quality for the citizens of the state of Ohio

Ohio EPA air pollution control regulations are located in the OAC in chapters 3745-14 to 3745-26, 3745-31, 3745-71 to 3745-73, 3745-77 to 3745-80, 3745-100, 3745-103, 3745-104, 3745-107, and 3745-110 to 3745-114. Additional chapters are added as needed to address new laws and requirements related to air pollution control.

Proposing new rules and amendments to existing rules is a regular activity conducted by Ohio EPA in response to laws passed by the General Assembly and federal rule requirements. The Agency is also required by state law to review its rules at least once every five years to ensure their continued need and relevance.

During the Ohio rule-making process, rules pass through the following four phases: early stakeholder outreach; draft review; proposal to the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR); and final adoption. To view the rules currently in each of these phases, please view the tabs below.

Some of Ohio EPA’s air pollution control regulations are a part of Ohio’s State Implementation Plan (SIP). Rules that are a part of Ohio’s SIP are submitted to U.S. EPA after final promulgation of the rule(s) and then U.S. EPA must in turn take action to approve the rule(s) into Ohio’s SIP. The process of U.S. EPA approval can take up to 18-months after Ohio EPA submits a request, as allowed under CAA Section 110(k). Therefore, often there is a time lag between the effective date of Ohio’s rules and the effective date of approval of those rules as a part of Ohio’s SIP. When a rule(s) that was approved as a part of Ohio’s SIP is amended, Ohio EPA will often submit the amended rule(s) as a revision to the approved Ohio SIP, which U.S. EPA must again take action to approve as a replacement. To find a list of the currently approved SIP rules, and the effective dates of those rules, see 40 CFR 52.1870. As explained above, some of these SIP approved rules will not be the most currently effective rule found on the tab below. You may request specific SIP approved rules not found in the tab below by contacting Ohio EPA DAPC’s Rule Coordinator at paul.braun@epa.ohio.gov or 614-644-3734.

If you would like to receive e-mail notifications regarding opportunities to provide comment regarding important changes to Ohio’s air pollution control rules, please go to Ohio EPA's Customer Support Center, log-in or sign-up to create a new account, and choose "Information on rulemaking activity and regulatory notifications from the Division of Air Pollution Control" from your subscriptions.