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Permit Terms and Conditions Library

Terms and Conditions
Library Tree

The Division of Air Pollution control (DAPC) has implemented the TREE format for the Permit Terms and Conditions Library. The Library TREE is accessible by clicking on the image above. 

To navigate through the Library TREE:

Click on the heading of interest to expand additional choices represented by yellow folders.


Yellow folder

Continue to navigate through the branches of the Library TREE by clicking on the headings until your decisions bring you to the term and condition of interest.

To open the term and condition of interest in Word 2007, click on the heading represented with the paper.


Use the plus sign symbol to expand the TREE branch and the minus sign symbol to collapse the TREE branch.

plus sign folder

minus sign folder

All of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) rule-based terms are dated (in parenthesis under each rule reference) with the date of their last revision. Many of the CFR terms also show the date they were first drafted or the date they were last modified for an amendment; this is usually documented for the entire set at the beginning of each file. The terms in the Library also include (in brackets under each term) the rule-source paragraph or section of the rule on which each term is based. Always check the current rule for recent amendments, which might contain changed or new requirements. The most current OAC and CFR rules can be found at: