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Synthetic Minor Title V Facility Fee Emission Reporting Program

What is the Synthetic Minor Title V Emissions Fee Program?

April 15, 2022, is the Synthetic Minor Title V (SMTV) report deadline for calendar year 2021. Companies are required to file electronically using the eBusiness Center: Air Services. To learn more about Air Services please visit the Air Services website.

In 1999, the state legislature passed a revision to the fee schedule for facilities that are required to apply for and obtain air pollution control operating permits. This change in Ohio law effects facilities that are considered a synthetic minor Title V facility. All facilities permitted in Ohio that are considered a SMTV facility are required by Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR §51.15), to report annual actual emissions of particulate matter (PM), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NOx), organic compounds (OC), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Ammonia (NH3) and lead (Pb). Also pursuant to ORC Section 3745.11, facilities that have obtained synthetic minor status to avoid Title V permitting must pay an annual SMTV fee based upon the reported annual actual emissions. The fee is required by ORC Section 3745.11 was implemented for the first time in the year 2000 for calendar year 1999 emissions.

All SMTV facilities will receive a letter in January 2022 to complete reporting via Air Services for calendar year 2021 emissions. The completed emissions report is due (April 15, 2022). The completed report form will be reviewed by Ohio EPA District Office or a Local Air Agency staff after which an invoice will be mailed to the facility. Payment is due 30 days after the invoice is received.

What is a Synthetic Minor Title V Facility?

Facilities for which one or more Permits-to-Install or Permits-to-Operate have been issued for the air contaminant sources at the facility that include terms and conditions that lower the facility's potential to emit air contaminants below the major source thresholds for Title V facilities described in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3745-77-02.  Basically, if your facility has been issued a federally enforceable state operation permit (FESOP) or a synthetic minor PTI in order to opt out of the Title V permitting requirements, your facility is required to report and pay for actual annual emissions in accordance with the SMTV emissions fee program.

What is the fee?

The amount assessed by Ohio EPA for your operations depends on how many tons of air pollution your company emits per year. Ohio EPA determines this based on your completed fee emission report. Air Services form requests emissions calculations data and summary totals of annual emissions of the following pollutants: particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, organic compounds and lead. The fee schedule is as follows:

Combined total ton per year of all regulated pollutants emitted Annual fee per facility 

Less than 10


10 or more, but less than 20


20 or more, but less than 30


30 or more, but less than 40


40 or more, but less than 50


50 or more, but less than 60


60 or more, but less than 70


70 or more, but less than 80


80 or more, but less than 90


90 or more, but less than 100



When are the fee emissions report and payment due?

Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Rule 3745-78-02 provides the manner and time frame to report these emissions. Calendar year 2021 reports are due April 15, 2022. Once we receive the reported emissions, the information goes through a review/verification process. Invoices will generally be issued 30 days after we received your complete fee emissions report. The invoice will have a detachable stub which must be sent in with the payment to insure proper crediting. Invoices may also be paid through our online eBusiness Center with a credit card or by debiting your bank account through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). If you pay by check, your payment, accompanied with the detached stub, should be mailed to:

Ohio EPA
PO Box 77005
Cleveland, OH 44194-7005

What is the fee used for?

The Ohio EPA will use the fees for air pollution monitoring, inspections, permit processing and issuance and for providing technical assistance to the regulated community. These fees will be directed to the Local Air Agencies and District Offices. None of the SMTV facility fees are expected to be directed to Ohio EPA's Central Office air pollution control activities.

How can I determine my emissions?

You may use emission factors, engineering calculations or test data to determine your emissions.

Use the Most Accurate Methods for Emissions Calculations

Emissions calculations for FER purposes must use the most accurate method available for each reporting period. For example, if your facility has used AP-42 emission factors in the past and a more accurate emissions factor is developed, or emissions testing has been conducted which gives your facility a more accurate emissions factor, the updated or test-based factor should be used.

Report Submission Options

Ohio EPA no longer accepts hard-copy report forms.

Any hard-copy reports received will be returned to the company. You are required to file via Air Services.

If you have any questions about this program or would like further information, please contact the Synthetic Minor Title V Facilities Fee Group at (614) 644-3571 or email Safaa El-Oraby.

Additional Resources

Contact your District Office or Local Air Agency to obtain additional facility-specific information or copies of your permit(s). If you need to determine which District Office or Local Air Agency has jurisdiction with your company/organization, the information can be found at: https://epa.ohio.gov/divisions-and-offices/air-pollution-control/permitting/ohio-epa-district-offices-and-local-air-pollution-control-agencies

Visit our rules page for information regarding OAC Chapter 3745-31 (Permit-to-Install), OAC Chapter 3745-35 (state Permit-to-Operate) or OAC Chapter 3745-77 (Title V Permit-to-Operate), or OAC Chapter 3745-78 (Permit-to-Operate Fees).