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Voucher Information

For customer convenience, individual vouchers may be purchased at any of the full-service testing stations for $18. Stations will accept either cash or a check made out to Envirotest Systems. The stations are not equipped to handle credit cards or debit cards. The voucher must be redeemed at the station where the voucher was purchased.

Vehicles required to test in Ohio

Motorists purchasing a voucher to accommodate a test that is required in Ohio will be eligible for a refund. Possible reasons for needing a voucher include:

  • Newly purchased vehicles outside of the four-model-year exemption
  • Out-of-state residents moving into an Ohio E-Check county
  • Ohio residents moving into an E-Check county

Vehicles from outside Ohio

Motorists purchasing a voucher to accommodate a test for another state's requirement or for marketing reasons will not be eligible for a refund.

Automobile Dealers

Automobile dealers may also purchase an individual voucher at any station provided the vehicle to be tested is present at the time the voucher is purchased. Automobile dealers will not be able to purchase multiple vouchers from a station unless all of the vehicles to be tested are present at the time the vouchers are purchased. Multiple vouchers may still be purchased at one time through the Envirotest Systems Twinsburg Office. For information regarding the purchase of vouchers through Envirotest, click here.


Questions? Call 1-800-CAR-TEST