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Ohio E-Check: Automobile Dealers

Automobile dealers who want to have an emissions test performed on any vehicle will need to purchase a voucher in advance for each vehicle to be tested. Vouchers can be purchased from Envirotest Systems for $18 each. Individual vouchers may be purchased at the full-service E-Check station when the vehicle is presented for testing. For more information, click here.

When a tested vehicle is sold to a motorist who resides in an E-Check county, an auto dealer may receive a refund for the $18 voucher. A customer in the process of purchasing a vehicle will also be required to purchase a voucher for a test if the title has not already been transferred out of the dealer's name.

Voucher refunds will not be issued for vehicles currently exempt from testing. This includes 2009-2012 vehicle model year exemptions.

Please note, the automatic refund process in place uses information obtained by the Ohio BMV. If the dealership address is not correct with the BMV, refunds might be lost. To ensure the refund is delivered, keep the dealership information up to date with the BMV by completing the appropriate form.

For information on the voucher process, please refer to the link below.

Voucher Contact Information [PDF]