Ohio EPA/OCSEA Labor Management Committee

The Ohio EPA/OCSEA Labor Management Committee exists to provide a forum for discussion, catalyst for change and solution to problems through cooperation between management and staff. The committee serves all Agency employees as well as the citizens of Ohio, striving to create a work environment that leads to improved communication, increased employee satisfaction and better performance.

It is our mission to serve all Agency employees. Please contact any of the following members with questions, concerns or for more information.



On average, the committee meets once per quarter. To ensure that meetings are productive, the following ground rules are in effect.

  1. Start and end on time.

  2. Meet regularly or as requested.

  3. Draft the next meeting’s agenda at the end of each meeting.

  4. Distribute action items within three days of the meeting and minutes two weeks after the meeting.

  5. Rotate minute-taking responsibilities (Minutes are notes without names which reflect actions, decisions and assignments).

  6. Active participation. Everyone is expected to participate.

  7. Professional courtesy, respect and communication.

  8. Attend meetings and be prepared; do your homework. Notify your co-chair if you'll be absent.

  9. Set deadlines for each project and meet deadlines.

  10. Absent members should stay current.

  11. Operate by consensus.*

  12. Communicate meeting topics and outcomes with subordinates, supervisors and co-workers.

  13. Maintain confidentiality.

  14. Meeting minutes will be kept on the website.

  15. Use mutually agreed upon facilitator for all meetings.

  16. Ground rules are subject to review.

  17. Subcommittees may use these ground rules or develop their own.

*Consensus has been reached when:
All group members have an opportunity to express their views on the issue being considered and even though the decision may not be your first choice, you feel that it will work and you are committed to support it as if it were.