Hazardous Waste Transporters

Hazardous waste transporters are individuals or entities that move hazardous waste from one site to another by highway, rail, water, or air. This includes transporting hazardous waste from a generator's site to a facility that can recycle, treat, store, or dispose of the waste. It can also include transporting treated hazardous waste to a site for further treatment or disposal. Transporters are the second link in the “cradle to grave” chain.

There are limited regulations for hazardous waste transporter under Ohio’s hazardous waste regulations. These include: notifying and obtaining a U. S. EPA identification number; registration with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio for hazardous materials transportation; accepting only hazardous waste that are listed on a manifest; compliance with the manifest procedures; delivering the hazardous waste to the facility (or alternate) designated on the manifest or the next designated transporter; and, keeping a copy of the signed manifest for three years after the date of acceptance by the transporter.

In the event of a spill hazardous waste during transportation a transporter must take immediate actions necessary to protect human health and the environment. The transporter must also clean up spills as directed by Ohio EPA or by U. S. EPA.

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