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Open Burning, Odors, Dust, and Asbestos in Demolition in Your Community

  • On  June 25, 2021 in |
  • Rules/Regulations
  • The most frequently reported complaints to Ohio EPA’s Division of Air Pollution Control (DAPC) are for open burning, odor, and dust. Ohio EPA also receives numerous questions about the regulation and management of asbestos during demolition.

Stay Connected with DEFA Electronically and Virtually

  • On  December 30, 2020 in |
  • General
  • Since March 2020, connecting electronically and virtually has become the new normal. Since March, we are seeing more customers logging onto live webinars and watching recordings (more than 5,200 in 2020), using our chat feature to ask questions, and subscribing to electronic updates.

Who regulates what? Who do I call?

  • On  December 30, 2020 in |
  • Rules/Regulations
  • With so many state departments and agencies, it can be difficult to determine exactly who handles a particular issue. Ohio EPA often receives comments or questions about environmental issues that we can’t address because the laws give that authority to other departments.

For Industrial Storm Water Permitting – No Exposure Certification Can Save Your Business Money

  • On  August 12, 2020 in |
  • Rules/Regulations
  • Storm water is rain and snow melt that runs off the land and enters streams, rivers, and lakes. Runoff from outdoor activities or material storage areas can contain pollutants that can degrade water quality and threaten human health.

Ohio EPA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response, Questions, and Guidance

  • On  May 11, 2020 in |
  • General
  • As a precautionary response to COVID-19, Ohio EPA is currently operating with most staff working remotely. If you are working with our staff on a current project and you know the name of the employee you are working with, email them at or call them directly.

Training Updates

Register Now for Ohio EPA’s Compliance Assistance Conference

  • On  January 22, 2020 in |
  • Rules/Regulations, Training Updates
  • On March 31 – April 1, 2020, Ohio EPA will host our 11th Compliance Assistance Conference at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Through our conference, you will gain valuable information and contacts to help you with your environmental compliance responsibilities.

Not All Air Emission Sources Require Air Permits

  • On  October 22, 2019 in |
  • Rules/Regulations
  • Does your business use materials or conduct activities that can release air pollutants?

Assistance and Resources Available for Ohio’s Marinas

  • On  June 7, 2019 in |
  • Rules/Regulations
  • Ohio Clean Marinas Program is a partnership between the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio Sea Grant College Program, Ohio EPA and several other agencies. They encourage marinas and boaters to use simple, innovative solutions to help keep Ohio’s coastal and inland waterway resources clean.

Learn the Lingo

  • On  February 22, 2019 in |
  • Learn the Lingo
  • Do environmental terms sometimes sound like a foreign language to you? If so, you’re not alone. Many businesses and communities have difficulty keeping up with the latest environmental lingo. This feature will cover some common environmental terms you may encounter.