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Helping communities and businesses access compliance, technical and financial assistance for their environmental needs.

Free and confidential on-site compliance assessments are one of the services DEFA’s Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention (OCAPP) offers to small business owners (100 employees or less).

An on-site compliance assessment can help you understand the operating requirements, permitting and other paperwork procedures that must be followed under our state's environmental rules. Recommendations provided by OCAPP staff will give you a better understanding of how to operate your business and make improvements to maintain to maintain compliance with the regulations.

Small business owners that have received an on-site visit often have had little or no experience with Ohio EPA. These businesses usually need help with environmental regulations, including completing permit application forms.

The OCAPP staff conducts the compliance assistance visits under the program's confidentiality procedures. This means that information gathered during the on-site visit will not be shared with agency inspection or enforcement staff. Additionally, there is no charge to the company for the on-site visit.

Small businesses that have already participated in the program have said that they were glad they contacted the OCAPP and received assistance.

To talk with one of our staff about a site visit at your company, visit to identify the OCAPP representative serving your area.

What are Small Business Owners saying about OCAPP’s services?

“I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU! for all of your help. You helped us in becoming compliant in our new business. Your time spent with us really educated us on our environmental impact. Any business is difficult to begin, but when educated, it lessens the difficulties. We now can start the “growing process” without the fear of not understanding lengthy and difficult rules. OCAPP and you are a tremendous program! You guys keep up the good work!”

- An Automotive Business