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Record Year for Drinking Water Assistance

  • On  February 22, 2019 in |
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2018 was a record year for financial assistance from the Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA). The $233 million awarded during the calendar year is the largest annual amount in the program to date.

The WSLRA provides below-market interest rate financing to a wide variety of drinking water projects. A limited amount of principal forgiveness (grant-like) funds are also available for the highest priority, economically challenged projects.

Most importantly, public drinking water is improved throughout Ohio thanks to the projects implemented with this funding.

Approximately 30 percent of Ohioans are served by a public water system that received financial assistance from the WSRLA in 2018. The WSRLA continues to invest in important public drinking water infrastructure – this can be in the form of large or small capital improvement projects, or the asset management planning that Ohio public water systems are required to undertake.

Questions on the WSRLA? Contact Jon Bernstein at or (614) 644-3715.

By the Numbers

  • $233 million — largest total annual dollar amount.
  • $44.7 million — largest single loan award to date (city of Toledo).
  • 96 — largest number of loan awards in a year.
  • 42 — loan agreements for asset management planning.

Program volume (both dollars awarded and number of loan awards) during the last five years.