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Helping communities and businesses access compliance, technical and financial assistance for their environmental needs.

In 2017, Ohio EPA launched the Ohio Materials Marketplace (OMM), a free online service where Ohio businesses, not-for-profits and government organizations can advertise and acquire useful products and materials that may be destined for a landfill. The mobile option platform connects organizations seeking material reuse and recycling options.

Ohio EPA manages and markets OMM, with support from partners including the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development, the Ohio By-Product Synergy Network and Ohio’s Solid Waste Management Districts. OMM has seen steady growth in participation and material transactions throughout year two of operation. As reported in the OMM Year Two Report, nearly 3.7 million pounds of material was diverted from Ohio’s landfills, and more than $208,000 was saved in terms of virgin material substitution costs and avoided landfill costs since launch.

Please visit for more information or to participate. If you have questions or need help, please contact Frank Basting at or (614) 644-3544.

Membership Breakdown by Business Type, OMM Year Two