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The Water Resource Restoration Sponsor Program (WRRSP) uses interest monies from Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) loan sponsor projects to fund preservation and restoration of aquatic habitat. Since 2000, more than $222 million has been awarded for 170 projects to protect and preserve some of Ohio’s highest water quality resources. In 2020, Ohio EPA approved 12 projects for $16,006,254 in WRRSP funding.

To learn more about the WRRSP, listen to our May 13, 2021, recorded webinar Ohio EPA’s Water Resource Restoration Sponsor Program Year 2022 Updates and Highlights. Questions? Please contact any WRRSP staff at

WRRSP Project Spotlight: Tremper Mound and Scioto River Protection

Arc of Appalachia’s Tremper Mound project was sponsored by a WPCLF loan awarded to the City of Warren’s WWTP and Pump Station Refurbishment project.

As a long-time land conservation organization, but a first-time WRRSP implementer, the Arc of Appalachia was successful in receiving the $2.3 million funding for its high-quality Scioto River protection proposal in 2020. This WRRSP project will protect, in perpetuity, 618 acres of habitat within the lower Scioto River watershed including 5,500 linear feet (LF) of Warmwater Habitat along the mainstem of the biologically diverse Scioto River, 6,500 LF of Exceptional Warmwater Habitat along Pond Creek, 5,500 LF of Class III Primary Headwater Habitat, and 12 acres of Category 3 wetlands.

The project will also protect a significant archaeological site called the Tremper Mound and Works, a National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)-listed Hopewell earthwork that’s approximately 2,000 years old and is the largest remaining unprotected Hopewell mound in Ohio.

WRRSP Project Spotlight: Secor Metropark Expansion and Wetland Restoration

Metropolitan Park District of the Toledo Area’s Secor Metropark Expansion and Wetland Restoration project was sponsored by a WPCLF loan awarded to the City of Akron’s WRF Headworks Improvements project.

As part of the on-going efforts to restore Oak Openings habitat in the former Great Black Swamp area of Northwest Ohio, the Metropolitan Park District of the Toledo Area will acquire an approximately 186-acre former golf course property that contains four acres of existing Category 3 wetlands and 2,800 linear feet of stream (Prairie Ditch) and restore 163 acres of Oak Openings Category 3 wetland communities and 12 acres of upland oak savanna habitat, all adjacent to the 610 acre Secor Metropark.

Existing golf infrastructure will be removed, and the site will be regraded to restore native floodplain, topography, and hydrology. Approximately 7,000 LF of ditches will be plugged/removed, and vegetation will be restored to native, local plant populations. This restoration work will complement the remaining Oak Openings habitat in the region, which currently sustains more rare species of plants and animals than any other area of a similar size in Ohio.