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In April 2017, Ohio EPA launched the Ohio Materials Marketplace (OMM), a significant step to shift Ohio from a “take, use and dispose” model to one emphasizing recycling, remanufacturing, reuse and maintenance. OMM’s free online materials and waste exchange encourages a dialog between members and provides a forum where they can connect and find reuse and recycling solutions for waste and by-products.

Through OMM’s interactive messaging system, Ohio businesses, not-for-profits and government organizations communicate with other members to advertise and acquire materials that might otherwise be destined for disposal in landfills. Since its inception, 270 organizations have joined OMM, listing 53 available materials and 22 wanted materials. Examples of advertised materials and their potential re-uses include:

  • bulk wooden pallets (mulch base)
  • used bricks (building materials)
  • spent foundry sand (soil additive)

Examples of wanted items and their desired re-use include:

  • bulk alumina oxide (for metals harvesting/recovery)
  • bulk food waste in packaging (for anaerobic digestion/energy recovery)
  • plastic drums and barrels (for recycling into new products)

OMM members can save, or even make, money by finding a market for their unwanted materials and avoiding landfill tipping fees. Buyers save money by having access to sellers’ discounted (or free) materials, and Ohio’s environment benefits by having more material removed from the waste stream.

Becoming a member of the marketplace will help you achieve your zero waste goals while participating in Ohio’s emerging circular economy. You can watch our introductory webinar at, and go to to join today. For questions, please contact Joseph Klatt at or (614) 705-1147.

Embracing the Circular Economy

Narrowing the gap between reuse and disposal/pollution brings businesses in Ohio closer to the ideal circular economy model.

MillerCoors Brewing in Trenton is an example of a large Ohio manufacturer leading in the circular economy. Landfill-free since 2009, MillerCoors recycles or reuses more than 99 percent of the materials involved in its production process.

The brewery recycles more than 200 million pounds of waste every year. For every five truckloads of beer shipped, one truckload of materials is sent out for recycling, reuse or other beneficial use. For example, MillerCoors sends its spent grain from the brewing process to local farmers for use as animal feed.

In addition to launching the Ohio Materials Marketplace, Ohio EPA is also supporting and promoting the circular economy by dedicating an entire track to this concept in its upcoming Sustainability Conference in October.