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Beginning in Program Year 2020, Ohio EPA’s Water Resource Restoration Sponsor Program (WRRSP) will include a new restoration subcategory to specifically address projects involving multiple dam removals in urban corridors. It is intended to provide an increased level of funding stability for larger-scale dam removal projects that involve multiple entities, multiple dams within a defined area, and that often require multiple phases to complete.

The Urban Corridor Dam Restoration (UCD-Restoration) category is a subset of the larger WRRSP Restoration category and intended to focus a portion of WRRSP resources on this Ohio EPA water quality priority. To qualify, UCD-Restoration projects must include a collaborative effort between communities to remove multiple dams within their collective urban corridor. Additionally, these projects need to be part of a larger planned revitalization effort to remove barriers to restoration of larger waterways, while achieving both ecological lift and water quality benefits.

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