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A construction and demolition debris (C&DD) processing facility is an offsite location used to process C&DD. Processing includes: receiving; sorting; handling; separating; moving; transferring; or recycling C&DD materials. Licensed solid waste transfer facilities and licensed solid waste facilities are not considered C&DD processing facilities and are not subject to these requirements.

As of Oct. 6, 2017, owners or operators of C&DD processing facilities are required to submit a one-time application for registration to the licensing authority (approved health district or Ohio EPA). If the facility is located within an approved health district, the application must be submitted to both the health district and Ohio EPA. If the facility is not located within an approved health district, then the application only needs to be submitted to Ohio EPA. Both new and existing facilities (facilities operating prior to Oct. 6, 2017) are required to register, however existing facilities that register will be exempt from the new facility siting criteria that is currently under development.

The registration form requires the owner/operator to provide a name, phone number and address of the processing facility, and a drawing of the facility layout. There is also a registration fee of $100 payable to the licensing authority.

The new rules also require a C&DD processing facility to obtain a permit and annual license from Ohio EPA or the local health department. They also cover the location, design and operations, storage and accumulation of materials, the process for closure and financial assurance for C&DD processing facilities. All permit details and the siting criteria for new facilities will be part of the upcoming rule making process.

Further, an owner and/or operator of a C&DD processing facility should be aware that there are additional Ohio EPA regulations that may apply to the operations. Materials crushing, grinding, shredding and processing typically requires an air permit through Ohio EPA’s Division of Air Pollution Control (DAPC). Roadways and storage piles may also require permitting through DAPC. Recycling and processing operations that are outdoors may also require a storm water permit through Ohio EPA’s Division of Surface Water. Additional regulatory obligations may be required for fluids and materials generated from general maintenance of your facility and associated equipment. For help determining regulatory requirements, contact Ohio EPA’s Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention at (800) 329-7518.

For more information about these new rules and requirements, please visit Ohio EPA’s C&DD Processing Facilities – New Rulemaking Authority and Application for Registration fact sheet.