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Did you know that National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) individual application paper forms are no longer accepted through the mail? As of July 1, 2019, these forms must be submitted electronically through Ohio EPA’s eBusiness Center and Surface Water Tracking, Reporting, and Electronic Application Management System (STREAMS) service. Electronic submittal of NPDES general permit application has been in place since 2016.

The STREAMS service provides the capability to electronically submit NPDES individual permit initial coverage applications as well as renewal applications. You can access each of these applications on your personal dashboard (the opening screen in STREAMS, which displays your permit list, application list, and reports list). Applications in the system may be downloaded in PDF, edited, deleted or even delegated to another user for completion. Other benefits to this online system include secure access through the eBusiness Center, ease of use and elimination of mailing costs and the ability to make fee payments online. In addition to the NPDES individual and general permit applications, the eBusiness Center can be used to access and complete nearly 20 other permit types and dozens of additional reports (for example, non-compliance, priority pollutant report, annual reports, etc.).

More information and assistance with submitting NPDES permits electronically through STREAMS is available at For questions, please contact Cole Miller at or (614) 721-8800 or Katherine Harris at or (614) 644-2135.

PLEASE NOTE: Consultants CANNOT PIN (electronically sign) applications on behalf of their clients. Consultants can COMPLETE and SAVE an application, then DELEGATE it to their client to PIN and submit. This can be completed within minutes though -- see the one-page walkthrough guide to make this simple for the client.