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Washing Systems, LLC in Loveland has received the Green Chemistry Challenge: 2019 Greener Reaction Conditions Award from U.S. EPA. WSI is recognized for developing TRUpathTM, an alternative to traditional commercial laundering technologies that use harsh and harmful chemicals. TRUpathTM uses more biodegradable surfactants and eliminates phosphates from wash formulas.

WSI has been active in our Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) program for years, and received E3 Achievement Level recognition in 2012, Silver Level in 2014, and one of our first Platinum Level awards in 2017. They received E3 Platinum Level recognition again in 2018. The Green Chemistry Challenge started in 1996, awarding only 116 awards out of 1,600 nominees in the past 23 years.

Commercial laundering traditionally has used harsh and harmful chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, sodium or potassium phosphates, and nonylphenol ethoxylate-based surfactants. Phosphates in detergents can lead to freshwater algal blooms that are toxic to other aquatic organisms and deplete oxygen in waterways. Nonylphenols are endocrine disruptors that accumulate in sewage sludge, river sediments, and ground water.

WSI’s TRUpathTM technology provides alternatives that are readily biodegradable and less toxic to the environment. The process works at colder temperatures than traditional laundry formulations, reducing energy consumption and decreasing the cycle time.

Entities using this laundry system have reduced detergent use, wastewater discharges, and natural gas use. More information about the 2019 and prior Green Chemistry Challenge Winners is available from U.S. EPA at Information about green chemistry can be found on U.S. EPA’s green chemistry webpage at