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U.S. EPA’s Safer Choice Program encourages consumers, workplaces and communities to look for cleaning products that will protect public health and the environment. Known formerly as the Design for the Environment program, Safer Choice goals include:

  • Increasing awareness and recognition of the Safer Choice label on qualifying products; and
  • Encouraging innovation and the development of safer chemicals and chemical-based products.

U.S. EPA developed the labels to make it easy for consumers and businesses to choose products that meet safer product standards, and perform well. More than 2,000 products currently carry the Safer Choice label. These products are available at retail stores and can be used at home and in businesses, schools, hotels, offices and sports venues.

Along with protecting human health, Safer Choice products are less toxic to fish and other aquatic life and they break down more quickly through natural processes, so they are less likely to become part of the food chain or damage the ecosystem. Several manufacturers and companies in Ohio have products that meet the standards of the Safer Choice Program and carry the Safer Choice label.