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Circular Economy — A system for regener-ating and restoring by design. By optimizing resources through reuse and recycling, waste is designed out of the process. Unlike the take, make and dispose model of the linear economy, in the circular economy all products and by-products are designed with the intent of being repurposed or reused.

U.S. EPA Small Business Ombudsman — The Asbestos Small Business Ombudsman (ASBO) serves as a conduit for small businesses to access U.S. EPA, and facilitates communications between the small business community and U.S. EPA. The ASBO advocates for small business issues, and partners with state Small Business Environmental Assistance Programs (SBEAPs), U.S. EPA Regional Small Business Liaisons (RSBLs) trade associations, U.S. EPA headquarters and regional offices, the Small Business Administration (SBA) and other federal agencies to help assist the small business community.