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Since 2016, Ohio EPA’s Water Pollution Control Loan Fund has offered local health districts (LHDs) grant-like subsidies to assist low-income homeowners repair and replace failing household sewage treatment systems (HSTS). Connections to existing sewer systems can also be provided through the program. The funds come in the form of principal forgiveness loans and are used to directly assist homeowners in funding solutions for their failing systems. Principal forgiveness loans do not need to be repaid and, therefore, act like grant funding for qualifying homeowners.

Through the principal forgiveness program, the LHDs set priorities and, using Health and Human Services poverty guidelines (see table), identify income-eligible residents with failing HSTS. This program is for homeowners only and is not intended for commercial applications.

Homeowners can qualify for up to 100 percent of the cost of their HSTS repair or replacement as principal forgiveness. There are no minimum or maximum amounts per household.

More than 70 LHDs currently participate in the principal forgiveness program. As of 2018, more than 2,000 HSTS repairs, replacements, and sewer connections have been completed through the program (summarized in the table below). LHDs have 18 months to administer the loans (for example, for PY 2019, May 2019 through November 2020). The program will continue to be offered in WPCLF program year 2020.

Please visit the Household Sewage Treatment Systems webpage for more information. If you have questions or need help, please contact Adam Pierce at or (614) 644-3642.