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In December 2017, Ohio EPA awarded four communities principal forgiveness funds through the Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA) for asset management planning.

Asset management has many different definitions — in the end it boils down to getting the most out of your assets at the lowest cost to the system. In other words, a water system should know what and where all its assets are, and should be servicing assets frequently enough that they are doing what they are meant to, without spending more time or money than is necessary to achieve those results.

Ohio’s Senate Bill 2, which became effective on Oct. 6, 2017, requires all public water systems to have an asset management program in place by Oct. 1, 2018. Ohio EPA is developing rules to reflect the statutory change of Senate Bill 2 along with the existing capability rules to address the managerial, technical and financial capability of water systems. Among other things, a successful asset management program should cut down on the number of disruptions in service due to lack of maintenance and planning.

To help water systems implement these requirements, Ohio EPA is offering interest-free Asset Management Planning loans. Nominations for these loans will be accepted at any time. The loan terms will be five years with up to $10,000 of principal forgiveness included. For more information, contact Kevin Spurbeck at (614) 644-3645.

The following communities received funding in December:

  • Village of Georgetown ($15,954),
  • Village of New Concord ($20,170),
  • Village of Toronto ($20,170), and
  • Village of Garrettsville (37,805).

The Village of Scio (March 2017) and the Village of Tuscarawas (June 2017) also took advantage of principal forgiveness funds earlier in the year for asset management.