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Pioneer in Springboro, Ohio, assembles vehicle electronics including radio, sound systems and GPS navigation units. Pioneer was awarded the E3 Bronze in September 2013 and E3 Gold in May 2016. Pioneer’s proactive environmental policy promotes  waste and greenhouse gas emission reductions and meeting the goals established in their ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System (EMS). Annual updates to their management policy identify goals and reflect the EMS priorities. Their long-term goal is to achieve zero waste-to-landfill status.

Some of the stewardship activities at Pioneer include:

  • Recycling metals, glass, wood, cardboard, paper, old electronics and plastics, including shrink wrap and polystyrene foam.
  • Sharing their environmental policy with all employees, contractors and visitors — using a green card to highlight environmental goals.
  • Discussing goal progress in employee meetings and in newsletters.
  • Purchasing a machine to densify polystyrene foam, which they now sell as raw material.
  • Using returnable totes for customer packaging and shipping.
  • Updating their HVAC system and lighting and replacing restroom fixtures to save water.
  • Purchasing material with recycled content.
  • Cleaning area bike paths to build community relationships.

In 2014, Pioneer recovered $159,000 from their recycling programs and diverted 4.1 million pounds of material from the landfill. In the last seven years, they achieved cost recovery of more than $1 million through their recycling program. Money generated from recycling is used to maintain and expand the recycling program, support safety programs, renovate parts of the facility and grounds and support employee wellness and morale programs.

Ohio EPA’s E3 program provides various recognition levels. The Gold Level recognizes organizations that have a good environmental compliance record, have completed environmental stewardship activities and are committed to pursuing environmental improvement projects. Any organization in Ohio may apply for membership. Applications are accepted annually and include both written and on-site evaluations. Applicants must be in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

If you are interested in applying for recognition for your organization under the E3 program, please visit or call (800) 329-7518. We would be glad to help guide you through the process and get your organization the recognition it deserves.

“Pioneer is known for its excellent sound systems. Now it also should be known for protecting Ohio’s environment. The Springboro plant is eliminating waste sent to landfills, has reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved efficiency, proving environmental stewardship and business success go hand-in-hand.”– Ohio EPA Director, Craig W. Butler