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Ohio EPA recognized YSI, Inc., in Yellow Springs in September 2018 with a Platinum Level award for its sustainability initiatives, conservation and efficiency programs, and water quality education efforts. YSI manufactures sampling and monitoring instruments for environmental and in-process monitoring, including equipment widely used to track water quality conditions and trends.

YSI’s sustainability efforts and achievements include:

  • Implementing conservation and efficiency programs at its Yellow Springs facility.
  • Eliminating the use of nickel-cadmium batteries and transitioning from alkaline batteries to lithium-ion batteries in water monitoring instruments to protect water quality.
  • Beginning a take-back program for its equipment where instruments are repaired to extend their lifecycle. Instruments that can’t be repaired are recycled, along with other solid waste, resulting in about 1,000 pounds of materials diverted from landfills each month.
  • Switching to LED lighting and improving the HVAC system that is expected to produce at least a 55 percent reduction in electricity use.
  • Reducing water consumption and natural gas use.
  • Encouraging YSI employee participation in the Dayton Children’s Water Festival and partnering with organizations such as the Little Miami River Kleeners and the Tecumseh Land Trust.
  • Supporting employees’ efforts to educate people locally and beyond, about water quality and protection of water resources.

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