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Ohio EPA recognized American Municipal Power, Inc., (AMP) in Columbus in October with a Platinum Level award for its sustainability initiatives, diverse array of renewable and advanced power assets and robust energy efficiency program. AMP is a non-profit wholesale power supplier and service provider.

AMP’s sustainability efforts and achievements include:

  • Improving energy and operational efficiency at the generation level, helping reduce emissions and water usage, and reducing landfill space needs.
  • Reducing CO2 and volatile organic compound emissions.
  • Adding more solar and hydropower facilities, a component of AMP’s commitment to a diversified power supply portfolio.
  • Offering sustainability services to its members. Partnering with the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation to run Efficiency Smart, an energy efficiency program available to members.
  • Implementing a carbon management program resulting in reforestation of 467 acres of state forests.
  • Offering a green pricing program, EcoSmart Choice, available to member communities to offset all - or a percentage - of their monthly electric usage with renewable energy certificates.
  • Efficiency upgrades to its headquarters building.
  • Implementing a recycling program and transitioning document management from paper to electronic storage.

For more information about Ohio EPA’s Encouraging Environmental Excellence program and the recognition levels, visit our website at, or call 1-800-329-7518.