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For many years, Ohio EPA has maintained a list of Ohio companies that recycle materials, based on known businesses and others that have let us know about their services.

In November, the Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention (OCAPP) initiated a campaign to update the current information, add new recyclers, and improve the software used to maintain the list.

Through web searching and more than 200 phone calls, the data is being updated, reflecting new business names, adding email addresses, clarifying the materials managed, and removing businesses that are no longer operating. A new software tool will be implemented soon, improving how the data is viewed, including improved search functions, and providing map locations to help customers identify nearby recycling options. A re-launch of the list of recyclers is planned in 2018.

Last spring, Ohio EPA launched the Ohio Materials Marketplace (OMM), a free online service that allows businesses and organizations to connect and find reuse and recycling solutions for waste and by-product materials. Currently, OMM has more than 600 members. This service helps Ohio recyclers source materials and helps Ohio businesses quickly find a nearby recycler for their excess materials. Ohio EPA recently sent an email invitation to 464 recyclers inviting them to join the marketplace.

We hope to continually expand participation in both the Ohio Materials Marketplace and the Ohio List of Recyclers. This will help strengthen and expand Ohio’s recycling market and help all Ohio businesses and citizens participate in Ohio’s growing circular economy.

Get on the List

All Ohio businesses that currently accept materials for reuse, processing or recycling are invited to contact the agency and provide information for the new recyclers list. Please contact Howard Dong at 800-329-7518 or to be included on the list.