Ohio’s public water systems (PWSs) provide an invaluable service and vital resource to the populations they serve. Chapter 6109 of the Ohio Revised Code authorizes Ohio EPA to safeguard public health by enforcing requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. The Division of Drinking and Ground Waters (DDAGW) oversees the operation and permitting of PWSs, which partially includes the review of engineering plans.

To ensure that adequate quantities of safe drinking water are provided, DDAGW staff review engineering plans and other information pertinent to proposed PWS projects. The division also develops engineering guidance documents, collaborates with the Ohio Section of American Water Works Association and reviews PWS backflow prevention and cross-connection control programs.

For more information or questions about engineering considerations for PWSs, please contact your DDAGW district office or call DDAGW Central Office at (614) 644-2752.

IMPORTANT – Plan Submittal Instructions

Due to the restrictions from COVID 19, hard copy detail or general plans will not be received by Ohio EPA. When plans are received electronically, an invoice for payment of the review fee, along with instructions on how to pay, will be sent to the party that submitted the plans. Review will begin when payment is received. The detail plans, general plan, Water Supply Data Sheet and/or specifications can be submitted to DDAGW.Engineering@epa.ohio.gov either directly if less than 25 MB or through Liquid Files. If sending plans through Liquid Files you will be asked to provide an email address for an Ohio EPA staff person, please use susan.schell@epa.ohio.gov. Directions for submitting docs via LiquidFiles is available on YouTube. If you currently have plans submitted, you can use the DDAGW.Engineering@epa.ohio.gov to inquire on the status or email the staff engineer directly who is reviewing them. If you are submitting a revised set of plans in response to comments, then please direct them to the staff person who signed the comment letter. If a fee is outstanding, the Agency will reach out to obtain it.  If you need to submit a plan package via liquid files, please visit https://fileshare.epa.ohio.gov/message/new.

Plan Review and Approval

Backflow prevention device

Project Summary Sheets/Forms

  • Water Supply Data Sheet (Form 5300) [PDF] or [Word]
    • Submit with detail plans or general plans
  • Pump Stations [PDF] or [Word]
  • Pressure Reducing Stations and Air Relief Valves [PDF] or [Word]
  • Small System Plan Submittal Checklist [PDF] or [Word]
  • Storage Tanks [PDF] or [Word]
  • Waterline Extensions [PDF] or [Word]
  • Well Project Summary Sheet [PDF] or [Word]

Standards, Policies, Guidance and White Papers

Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control

Approved Capacity

Contact Time Calculations

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