Ohio E-Check: OHIO-1 "Technician's Advantage"

Important Notice: OHIO-1 Technician's Advantage is replacing the EDGE requirement as well as the two-hour NOx, and OBD II seminars. The NOx and OBD II seminars will continue to be offered for a limited time and then phased out.

An E-Check licensed repair shop must have a "current" technician to be "licensed." Technicians who do not have EDGE and want to be certified and current must take the new OHIO-1 Technician's Advantage course. Click for information on how to become a licensed shop or a certified technician.

To take OHIO-1, please contact one of the following trainers:




Sam Bell, Lusty Wrench

2120 Lee Road

Cleveland Heights, OH 44118  

(216) 371-8150


John Forro, A.S.T. Training

1669 W. 130th St.

Hinckley, OH  44233

(330) 220-8107


Tom Rayk, NAPA Autotech

2999 Circle 75 Parkway

Atlanta, GA 30339

(330) 242-2288



OHIO-1 Technician's Advantage is a new course designed to replace EDGE training as well as the two-hour seminars for NOx and OBD II repairs.

The 10 hands-on classes include CAN applications, Mode 6, OBD II strategies, and diesel OBD applications and diagnostics. The technician will use computer, PDA and hand-held scan tools to access needed information. This program will meet the Ohio EPA training requirement for E-Check Certified Repair Technicians.

OHIO-1 gives in depth coverage of the following topics:

  • OBD II and the New Emissions Test
  • OBD II Strategies
  • OBD II Diesel Applications, including Turbo
  • OBD II Diagnostic Tips
  • OBD II Scan Tool Use
  • Mode 6 Operation
  • CAN Applications
  • Computer and PDA-Based Testing
  • NOx Strategies
  • Current Ramping
  • OBD II Drive Cycles
  • Advanced Repair Information


All information will be supported with printed materials, and these materials are well worth the price of the program.