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E-Check: Information for Students

In-state Student

State legislators did not provide a waiver or extension option for in-state students, as they are considered to be home within the 365 days prior to registration renewal when the motor vehicle can be tested. The test is valid for 365 days. There are several options available for student motor vehicles:

STUDENT in the E-Check counties:

The following seven counties are required to do E-Check emissions testing at this time: Cuyahoga; Geauga; Lake; Lorain; Medina; Portage; and Summit counties. A student motorist can submit their vehicle to emissions testing through any of the E-Check stations located in those E-Check counties. To find out the nearest station, please visit our site location webpage. The test is good for 365 days.

STUDENT with a vehicle registered in an E-Check county but attending school in a county where E-Check is not required in Ohio:

If a student motorist has a vehicle registered in an E-Check county and an established residency in the area where E-Check is not required, you may transfer your registration to the county where the motorist and vehicle resides. The change in registration location will remove the motor vehicle emissions testing requirement. If the vehicle is in the motorist’s parent's name, the title must be changed to reflect the change of ownership.  

Out-of-state Students

STUDENT with a vehicle registered in an E-Check county, attending school out of the state:

If a student motorist has time, he or she should have the vehicle tested the next time the vehicle is home. The test is valid for 365 days, so testing can be done well in advance. Testing ahead also applies to motorists who travel out-of-state for extended periods for work or migratory reasons, etc. If a student motorist needs additional time to return home, he or she can obtain 30-day temporary tags for the motor vehicle. This may eventually involve a late fee. The motor vehicle title will be required at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) registrar office to obtain the temporary tags. There are two categories for out-of-state students:

STUDENT not in another state's testing area:

An out-of-state student attending college in a state where testing is not required at the time of renewal will need to provide a dated statement from the registrar of the school attesting to the student's registration and the effective dates of that registration. Current grades and current billing statements are acceptable but must be on school letterhead and show effective dates of enrollment. Computer printouts will not be accepted without the school's seal and original signature of the registrar. An Ohio E-Check Exemption/Extension Application must also be completed and sent to Ohio EPA along with a copy of the vehicle registration. The "Vehicle Location Verification" portion on the application must only be completed if the applicant is unable to provide the student information.

STUDENT within another state's testing area:

An out-of-state student attending college in another state's test area must have a vehicle emission test performed at a U.S. EPA-approved program. Once the student motorist has obtained the passing test certificate from the state, he or she will need to exchange it for an Ohio exemption certificate. An Ohio E-Check Exemption/Extension Application must also be completed and sent to Ohio EPA, along with a copy of the vehicle registration and a copy of the state passing test certificate. The Ohio exemption certificate will exempt you from being required to return the motor vehicle to Ohio for testing prior to registration renewal. Once the motorist has obtained the Ohio exemption certificate from Ohio EPA, he or she may renew the motor vehicle registration as usual.

See our page for out-of-state testing options.