Environmental Response and Revitalization Site Summary

Bowers Landfill

Bowers Landfill is located in Pickaway County, 2.5 miles north of Circleville, Ohio. The landfill is 12 acres in size and is L-shaped with the ends abutting the Scioto River.

Information is limited regarding the types and amounts of wastes that were deposited at the site. The approximate amount of waste was determined to be 130,000 cubic yards. The types of wastes disposed of included residential waste collected by private haulers, and, beginning in 1963, wastes from local industries. The landfill operated from 1958 until 1968.

Bowers Landfill was added to the National Priorities List (NPL) in September 1983. E.I. DuPont de Nemours Co. and PPG Industries, Inc. were named as the potentially responsible parties (PRPs) for the site.

A remedial investigation conducted by the PRPs detected metals, volatile organic chemicals, semi-volatile organic chemicals, PCBs and pesticides in ground water monitoring wells. However, residential drinking water wells sampled near the landfill were not affected. Following the remedial investigation, a feasibility study was conducted to determine the remedial action for the site.

The selected remedial action was summarized in the record of decision, which was signed on March 31, 1989. The remedial action called for capping the landfill, with gas and ground water monitoring to be conducted for 30 years after capping was completed. The purpose of this monitoring is to verify that the cap is effective in controlling the migration of contaminated ground water off site.

The remedial action began in February 1992 and was completed the following spring. The PRPs did not agree with the selected remedial action, but after construction was completed, decided to pay past costs and conduct ground water monitoring for the first year of operation and maintenance (O&M). After the first year of O&M, U.S. EPA transferred oversight responsibility to Ohio EPA. In 1996, the PRPs entered into a judicial consent degree with Ohio EPA and took over responsibility for all O&M activities.

Currently, ground water samples are collected once a year and surface water samples are collected twice a year for analysis.

The first five-year review was completed in July 1997, the second five-year review was completed in July 2002, the third five-year review was completed in July 2007, and the fourth five-year was completed in July 2012. 

Due to the completion of the remedial action and implementation of the O&M, Bowers Landfill was deleted from the NPL in 1997.

Attachment 1: Second Five-year Report for Bowers Landfill, Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio, July 2002

Attachment 2: Third Five-year Report for Bowers Landfill, Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio, August 2007

Attachment 3: Fourth Five-year Report for Bowers Landfill, Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio, May 2012

Bowers Landfill1

Photograph 1: Top of landfill, mylar laying on the ground near road, Nov. 6, 1986.

Bowers Landfill2

Photograph 2: Drums on south side of landfill, Oct. 4, 1988.

 Bowers Landfill3

Photograph 3: Trash in ditch on east side of landfill, Oct. 14, 1988.

Bowers Landfill4

Photograph 4: Site as of Oct. 16, 2003. 

Summary date: January 2008