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Ohio Lake Erie Commission

The commission was created to preserve Lake Erie's natural resources, enhance its water quality and promote economic development in the region. The director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources chairs the commission, which also includes the directors of the state departments of Transportation, Health, Development, Agriculture and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The commission staff advise the Governor and the Commission on the development, implementation and coordination of Lake Erie programs and policies; represent the interests of Ohio in regional, national, and international forums pertaining to the resources of the Great Lakes; assist in the implementation of the Coastal Zone Management Program and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative; facilitate compliance with the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement and the Great Lakes Toxic Substances Control Agreement; and manage the distribution of money from the Lake Erie Protection Fund.

State Emergency Response Commission

The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act provides for the collection and availability of information regarding the use, storage, production and release of hazardous chemicals. The law promotes a working relationship among government, business and community leaders, environmental and other public interest organizations, and individuals to improve hazard communications and emergency planning.

In Ohio, the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) implements this program. SERC includes representatives from nine state agencies; 10 appointed members representing environmental advocacy, industry, firefighting and local government; and two non-voting members from the legislature. SERC also appoints members of the Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) of each emergency planning district. LEPCs use the state’s inventory information to develop and exercise their local emergency response plans.

Hamilton County Environmental Action Commission

The commission, formed in 1991, provides a forum for a broad range of stakeholders to discuss environmental issues and identify ways to improve environmental quality in the Hamilton County area. It is a diverse group with representatives from business, government, academia and the public appointed by the director of Ohio EPA. The commission was instrumental in the formation of the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities and Environmental Priorities Project. The group usually meets the first Thursday of the month at the Hamilton County Environmental Services Building on Taft Road. Meetings are open to the public.