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Lordstown Energy Center Draft Wastewater Discharge Permit

Start: Wednesday, January 19, 2022
6:00 PM
Village of Lordstown Municipal Building 1455 Salt Springs Road Lordstown, Ohio 44481
In-Person Public Hearing

Lordstown Energy Center Draft Wastewater Discharge Permit

Public Notice No. OEPA 21-11-045 DFT

Date of Issue of Public Notice: Nov-17-2021

Name and Address of Applicant:
Lordstown Energy Future-Lordstown, LLC, 1853 Henn Parkway, Warren, OH, 44481

Name and Address of Facility Where Discharge Occurs:
Lordstown Energy Center, 1853 Henn Parkway, Lordstown, OH, 44881, Trumbull County

Outfall Flow and Location List: 001 571,000 gpd 41N 08' 37.6t" -80W 05' 7.6"

Receiving Stream: Mud Creek

Nature of Business:
The Lordstown Energy Center (LEC) is an existing natural gasfired combined cycle power generating facility located in Trumbull County, OH. This facility is presently authorized to discharge process wastewater and domestic sewage to the local sewer collection system, where it is conveyed for treatment at the City of Warren Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF). Domestic sewage from the LEC facility will continue to be conveyed to the WPCF. However, LEC is submitting this permit application in order to discharge the process wastewater from the cooling tower blowdown and site stormwater to the adjacent Mud Creek. A new pond and pipeline will be constructed to Mud Creek with a proposed outfall at the following coordinates: 41° 8' 37.62", -80° 51' 16.3".