MEDIA CONTACT: Heather Lauer

Shelby County Commissioners Agree to Sewer Portions of Newport;
Septic Conditions in Ditches Will Be Addressed

In an agreement with Ohio EPA, the Shelby County Commissioners will install sewers and provide central wastewater treatment for an estimated 200 homes and businesses in the village of Newport. Plans for how this will be accomplished are due to Ohio EPA no later than November 2012.

There is a long standing documented public health nuisance in Newport due to human waste from failing septic systems contaminating streams and ditches. Putrescent waste has turned portions of storm drains and ditches black and the water contained high levels of fecal coliform bacteria. Contact with certain forms of fecal bacteria can have severe health effects.

Connecting buildings in Newport to a central sewer will allow sewage to be treated and disinfected before it is discharged. Without the discharge from failing septic systems, Ohio EPA expects area storm sewers, drainage ditches and ultimately the Miami-Erie Canal and Loramie Creek will be cleaner.


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