Public Hearing Scheduled to Discuss Draft General Marina Storm Water Permit

Ohio EPA is taking public comments on a draft general permit to regulate storm water discharge associated with industrial activities at marinas.  These discharges would have a minimal impact on water quality. 

A public hearing to discuss proposed changes to the permit will begin at 10:30 a.m., October 15, 2012, in Ohio EPA’s 6th floor conference area, room A, 50 West Town Street, Suite 700, Columbus. The hearing will end when everyone has had a chance to comment on the draft general permit. Those attending should bring a photo I.D.

The general permit would cover all storm water discharges associated with industrial activities for marinas throughout the state. Marinas involved in boat maintenance activities including rehabilitation, mechanical repairs, painting, fueling or lubrication could be covered under the general permit as well as those activities associated with equipment cleaning operations. This permit would authorize discharges associated with boat washing only in cases when water or high pressure steam is being used with no detergents or chemical cleaning agents. Discharges not meeting the conditions of the general permit may require an individual permit.

The draft general permit would include a storm water pollution prevention plan (SWP3) to address common operations and activities that typically occur at a marina. The SWP3 would be used to minimize or eliminate the potential for contamination of storm water by industrial activities. The SWP3 also would require the permittee to investigate sources of potential contamination and develop on-going practices to minimize or eliminate those sources.

The general permit would require quarterly visual monitoring of discharges observing color, odor, clarity, floating solids, settled solids, suspended solids, foam, oil sheen and other storm water pollution indicators. Larger marinas also would be required to perform annual analytical monitoring. The draft general permit renewal defines the term measurable storm event as one tenth of an inch of water measured within 72 hours after the last storm water discharge.

The marina industrial discharge permit coverage would begin when an applicant submits a notice of intent for coverage to Ohio EPA and pays the required fee. Coverage is in effect when the applicant receives written notification from Ohio EPA.

Statewide general permits have five-year durations and are reviewed and revised as needed at the end of that period. A general permit consists of one permit covering many locations that have similar discharges. General permits are used to allow discharges that will have a minimal effect on the environment.

For more information about the proposed rulemaking, or to receive a copy of the proposed rules, check Ohio EPA's website or contact Anthony Robinson at (614) 728-3392.

Those wishing to submit written comments can send them to Ohio EPA-DSW permits processing unit, P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, 43216, or email by Oct. 22, 2012. Requests to be added to the interested parties mailing list may be sent to the same address.

A draft permit will be issued as a final action unless revisions to the draft are made after considering public comments and records from the public hearing or if changes are not approved by U.S. EPA.


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