CITIZEN CONTACT: Kristopher Weiss

Ohio EPA Issues Final Permit Renewal for Vinton County Explosives Manufacturer

Ohio EPA has renewed a hazardous waste permit for the Austin Powder Company’s Red Diamond Plant, located at 430 Powder Plant Rd. in McArthur. The final permit allows the company to continue treating waste on site.

This Austin Powder facility manufactures and sells explosives to be used mainly in the mining and construction industries. In the process, Austin Powder generates hazardous waste. The permit that allows and regulates the treatment of this waste must periodically be renewed.

Austin Powder can continue treating reactive wastes that are generated during explosives production by open burning in the designated open burning area on site.

No public comments were received about the draft renewal permit during the public comment period which ended Dec. 4, 2011.

The final renewal permit may be viewed online, at Ohio EPA’s Southeast District Office, 2195 Front St., Logan, by first calling (740) 385-8501 and Division of Materials and Waste Management, 50 West Town St., Suite 700, Columbus, by first calling (614) 644-2621.

Issuance of the permit can be appealed to the Ohio Environmental Review Appeals Commission (ERAC). Appeals generally must be filed within 30 days of issuing the final action; therefore, Ohio EPA recommends that anyone wishing to file an appeal contact ERAC at (614) 466-8950 for more information.