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Ohio EPA Issues Cytec Final Permit Modification for Cleanup

Ohio EPA has issued a final hazardous waste permit modification for Cytec Industries Inc. (1405 Greene St., Marietta). The permit authorizes Cytec to address soil and ground water contamination at specific areas of the Washington Co. site according to Ohio EPA’s proposed remedies to protect human health and the environment.

The Agency held a meeting in Marietta on July 16, 2012, to explain the draft permit modification for the remedy of the landfill, Duck Creek, the east storage pad, concrete tank saddles and drainage swale. Ohio EPA accepted public comments and considered them before issuing the final permit

Ohio EPA held other public meetings in 2010 and 2011 to answer the public’s questions about clean-up measures at other areas of the site and issued Cytec a final permit modification last year to implement a combination of approved corrective measures for those areas. At that time, Ohio EPA required Cytec to further investigate ground water conditions around the north landfill and submit a revised corrective measures study.

Proposed Remedies

The Agency’s proposed remedy for the landfill is to anchor a clay slurry wall into bedrock along its west and south sides to prevent ground water from flowing in. The existing soil/clay cap would be augmented (primarily along the east side) with additional soil and a synthetic liner. A clay berm or equivalent barrier along the northeast portion of the landfill would protect against infiltration of water during flood events.

These efforts and hydraulic control for ground water should expedite ground water cleanup. Additionally, an environmental covenant would: identify this area as having waste remaining in place; forbid the cap or its components from disturbance without Ohio EPA consent; and restrict ground water use. Long-term monitoring would assess the remedy’s adequacy.
Ohio EPA’s proposed remedies for the other areas include periodic stream and sediment monitoring in Duck Creek; excavation of contaminated soils at the east storage pad; and continuation of a waste cap in the concrete tank saddle area. Based on recent soil sampling, Ohio EPA believes no further action is required at the drainage swale.

Site History, Previous Cleanups

The Cytec site has a long history of industrial use. Specialty chemicals were manufactured there until 1996. Prior to modern environmental laws, some industrial process waste chemicals were disposed of on site in ponds, landfills and other areas. Some of the most contaminated areas at the site have been addressed. In 2004, Ohio EPA issued Cytec a hazardous waste permit that required the company to investigate and clean up contamination. Two ponds were cleaned and capped, several landfills and disposal areas were excavated and some contaminated soil and piping was removed.

Issuance of the permit can be appealed to the Ohio Environmental Review Appeals Commission (ERAC). Appeals generally must be filed within 30 days of issuing the final action; therefore, Ohio EPA recommends that anyone wishing to file an appeal contact ERAC at (614) 466-8950 for more information.

More Information

Copies of the final permit modification may be viewed along with related documents online; at Ohio EPA’s Southeast District Office, 2195 Front St., Logan, Ohio 43138 (740-385-8501 or 800-686-7330); and at the Division of Materials and Waste Management, 50 W. Town St., Suite 700, Columbus (614-644-2917). Interested parties also may write to Ohio EPA at the Logan address for more information.


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