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Ohio EPA Extends Public Comment Period Regarding Draft Air Permit for Cleveland Public Power’s Proposed Gasification Plant

The public comment period concerning a draft air permit for a proposed municipal solid waste gasification plant in Cleveland has been extended to July 1, 2013.

After receiving requests from the community, Ohio EPA is extending the comment period an additional 12 days to provide citizens more time to comment on the draft permit.

On June 12, Ohio EPA and Cleveland Division of Air Quality (CDAQ) discussed the draft air permit at an information session and public hearing at the Estabrook Recreation Center in Cleveland.

If issued as final, the permit would allow Cleveland Public Power to construct a waste-to-energy facility at 3727 Ridge Road. The facility would house three municipal solid waste gasifier processing lines to produce syngas. The syngas would be burned in a furnace to produce heat, which in turn would be converted to steam in a heat recovery steam generator.

Citizens may submit comments in writing to: Cleveland Division of Air Quality, Attn: David Hearne, 75 Erieview Plaza, Suite 200, Cleveland, OH, 44114.  A decision on issuing a final permit will be made after considering all questions and comments submitted by July 1.

Cleveland Public Power’s draft air permit and related information are available online and at CDAQ by calling (216) 664-2297.


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