Ohio EPA Completes 18 Scrap Tire Cleanups Over Two Months

To help Ohio communities deal with the expense and health impacts related to illegally disposed tires, Ohio EPA contracted with Liberty Tire Recycling to complete 18 cleanups, removing nearly 134 tons of tires from 11 counties, or the equivalent of 12,467 passenger tires.

Ohio law requires the proper disposal of scrap tires. Transporting more than 10 scrap tires without being a registered transporter, open burning, or open dumping of scrap ties may be prosecuted as a felony offense in Ohio with a fine of at least $10,000 or imprisonment or both. The 18 tire cleanups cost the state $50,000 which was paid out of the funds collected from the tire assessment when new tires are purchased.

Tire cleanups in March and April 2012 include:

  • Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District at Seneca Lake (Guernsey County), $983 to remove 4.22 tons;
  • Property on Roberts Avenue in Canton (Stark County), $628 to remove 2.22 tons;
  • Property on Lincoln Street in Canton (Stark County), $579 to remove 1.83 tons;
  • Property on Waynesburg Drive in Canton (Stark County), $523 to remove 1.38 tons;
  • Lodi Township on Fossil Rock Road (Athens County), $2,051 to remove 9.01 tons;
  • Property on Ervin Hill Road in Beaver Township (Pike County), $3,874 to remove 5.83 tons;
  • Property on Jackson Hill Road, Wellston, in Coal Township (Jackson County), $3,642 to remove 4.28 tons;
  • ODNR Coalton Wildlife Area in Coal Township (Jackson County), $3,618 to remove 4.12 tons;
  • Marion Township property on Logan Hornsmill Road (Hocking County), $679 to remove 2.19 tons;
  • Property on State Route 231 in Eden (Wyandot County), $6,439 to remove 18.59 tons;
  • The Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District on Calverts Lane in West Portsmouth (Scioto County), $3,622 to remove 19.48 tons;
  • Property on Latham Hill Road in Mifflin Township (Pike County), $3,443 to remove 2.95 tons;
  • Property on East Center Road in Canton (Stark County), $6,590 to remove 25.92 tons;
  • Thirty-five properties in the Linden Neighborhood near Cleveland Avenue (Franklin County), $1,445 to remove 5.16 tons;
  • AEP Recreation Area on Hull Road in Bristol Township (Morgan County), $1,053 to remove 4.69 tons;
  • Property on County Route 75 in York Township (Morgan County), $3,413 to remove 2.75 tons;
  • Gallia County Health Department on 499 Jackson Pike in Gallipolis (Gallia County), $2,690 to remove 13.27 tons; and
  • Property on Hannan Trace Road in Crown City (Gallia County), $2,242 to remove 10.28 tons.

Cleanup of open scrap tire dumps is an important part of Ohio's scrap tire management program. Enforcement actions are initiated to require responsible parties and property owners to clean up scrap tires. When the responsible parties or property owners fail to provide clean up, Ohio EPA can hire a contractor. Ohio EPA may also remove 100 to 2000 tires if a signed agreement is developed with a property owner when recommended by a local health department or Ohio EPA district office.

Scrap tires can be a prime breeding source for mosquitoes, including the Northern House mosquito, which can carry West Nile Virus. When discarded, tires can accumulate small amounts of water where mosquitos often lay eggs. During one breeding season, thousands of mosquitos can hatch in just one tire. It is important to remove and properly dispose of tires before they become a public health issue. If they need to be stored outdoors, dry tires should be protected with a tarp that prevents rainwater from accumulating and they can also be treated with insecticide or larvacide.

If you are concerned about a tire pile in your area, please contact your local health department or Ohio EPA District Office.

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