CITIZEN CONTACT: Amber Finkelstein

Ohio EPA, Columbus Chemical Company Settle Air Pollution Violations

In a settlement with Ohio EPA, Bonded Chemicals Inc. has agreed to resolve air pollution control violations at its facility, located at 2645 Charter St., Columbus. The company stocks a complete line of industrial chemicals for distribution to municipalities.

Ohio law requires facilities that have greater than a threshold amount of certain materials file a risk management plan with Ohio EPA. The plan outlines how the company will prevent accidental releases, which includes staff training and handling procedures for working with the chemical as well as describing a worst-case scenario.

The worst-case scenario in the plan is useful in case of emergency releases. Companies often coordinate plan development with local fire departments and other emergency responders.

During an inspection last year, Ohio EPA noted five violations, three of which were repeated from a 2003 inspection and resolved in 2004. The repeated 2011 violations included failure to maintain records for worst case and alternative scenarios; conduct a five-year hazard review; and create and implement a maintenance program. The new 2011 violations were failure to maintain population data for hazard assessments and the timely revision and submission of a risk management plan. The 2011 violations have since been remedied.

Civil penalties benefit Ohio EPA’s Clean Diesel School Bus Program Fund, the Risk Management Plan fund and regulatory program oversight.

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