CITIZEN CONTACT: Kristopher Weiss

Ohio EPA Awards $4,735 Environmental Education Mini Grant To Lake County Organization

Ohio EPA awarded $4,735 to the Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District for a Watershed Landowner Outreach project on Arcola Creek to target residents of Ashtabula and Lake counties.  Twelve projects throughout the state were funded for $46,493.

A multi-faceted public education effort is planned to implement a section of the Arcola Creek watershed action plan. The creek is not meeting state and federal water quality standards. It drains directly into Lake Erie through the Arcola Estuary which is one of only two remaining estuaries on Ohio’s Lake Erie coastline. Grant monies will be used to fund public education efforts to protect this water resource, and will include two workshops for residents. One will address reducing erosion and nutrient runoff from lawns. The second will educate residents about rain barrels and rain gardens to reduce storm water volume.

A creek cleanup event and geocaching program will bring residents into the watershed to learn about its processes and history. Wall maps of the watershed will be hung in public places, and permanent outdoor signs will be installed in parks to describe services that a healthy watershed can provide. A portable, weatherproof display will be created for community events. Collaborators include the Lake County Farm Bureau, Stormwater Management Department, Lake Metroparks and Madison Village.

The Ohio Environmental Education Fund gives out approximately $1 million each year for environmental education projects targeting kindergarten through university students, the general public and the regulated community. General grants are given for projects lasting up to 30 months and costing up to $50,000.

Mini grants are available for projects lasting up to 12 months and costing between $500 and $5,000. Proposals for classroom projects, conference speakers, and other activities that are eligible under the general grant program are eligible under the mini-grant program, but the application process is streamlined. Ohio EPA's Office of Environmental Education reserves up to $50,000 each grant round to fund projects submitted under this program.

For more information, contact Ohio EPA's Office of Environmental Education at (614) 644-2873. Staff is available to assist potential grant applicants who contact the office before the submission deadline. Information also is available online.


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