Linda Fee Oros

Ohio EPA Awards 18 Community Recycling Grants

Ohio EPA is awarding grants to assist 18 communities with strengthening local recycling and litter prevention efforts through the Community Recycling Grant program.

Community recycling grant funding supports and expands community efforts by providing new infrastructure for collection and materials processing, involving many materials including construction and demolition debris, electronics, glass, paper-based material or plastics. Ohio EPA awarded a total of $816,647 this grant round.

Projects approved for funding include:

  • Auglaize County Solid Waste Management District, $10,700 - materials recovery facility recycling  of mixed paper and aluminum will grow through the purchase of a semi-trailer and magnetic cross-belt separator;
  • Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, $30,790 - a new commercial recycling project will address paper, plastic and aluminum by using a self-contained compactor and 34 cubic yard containers;
  • City of Columbus, $18,993 - special events recycling project will address mixed materials using portable and permanent recycling containers in the Columbus Commons;
  • Village of Covington, $7,480 - curbside recycling program will expand through the purchase of mixed materials using 96 and 48 gallon containers and a container flipping arm for the collection truck;
  • Fairfield County, $18,333 - materials recovery facility workers will install an incline conveying belt for glass recycling;
  • Grandview Heights School District - $10,000 - new special venue recycling program will be created for mixed materials using multiple recycling containers;
  • Greene County, $41,908 - materials recovery facility addressing mixed materials, will receive a box truck, trailers, containers and transport racks;
  • Hamilton County Solid Waste Management District, $80,000 - will expand construction and demolition debris recycling center using track hoe, trailer and a dump truck;
  • City of Hilliard, $1,500 - special venue recycling project will expand into the park district for aluminum, paper and plastic using 60-gallon recycling containers;
  • Huron County Solid Waste Management District, $110,000 - materials recovery facility will recycle glass and corrugated cardboard by purchasing a roll truck and 30-cubic-yard collection boxes.
  • Lorain County Solid Waste Management District, $25,000 - drop-off recycling for scrap tires will expand by using a forklift and expanding a materials recovery facility;
  • Lucas County Solid Waste Management District, $100,000 - drop-off recycling for mixed materials will continue with the addition of a new front-loading truck;
  • Miami County Solid Waste Management District, $2,946 - special venue recycling for plastics, using three container transporters with 20 stands;
  • Southeastern Ohio Joint Solid Waste Management District, $73,433 - materials recovery facility will receive funds for a compact wheel loader and forklift;
  • University of Toledo, $49,672 - commercial recycling for aluminum, paper and plastics will be rolled out with the replacement of component recycling stations on campus;
  • Van Wert County Solid Waste Management District, $138,000 - drop-off recycling for mixed materials continues with the purchase of a 35-cubic yard collection truck;
  • Village of Versailles, $41,892 - curbside recycling of mixed materials becomes more efficient with 1,200 new curbside totes; and
  • Wyandot County Solid Waste Management District, $56,000 - materials recovery facility for mixed materials expands by using 6-cubic-yard roll-off containers and a 24-foot box truck.

The next community recycling grant application opportunity opens Oct. 1, 2013, with a deadline in Feb. 2014. Grant recipients have 12 months to complete the projects and must have a 50 percent cash match. Funding comes from fees generated when building materials and demolished structures are disposed at construction and demolition debris landfills.

For additional information about the grant program, contact Ohio EPA at (614) 644-2873 or


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