Nucor Steel Agrees to Improvements That Will Reduce Air Pollution Emissions in Marion

Nucor Steel Marion Inc. is making improvements that will reduce emissions at its steel mill in the city. The company reached an agreement with Ohio EPA to settle air pollution permitting, monitoring and emissions violations.

One of the main areas of the agreement will address elevated manganese emissions that have been detected near the mill by Ohio EPA air monitors for several years. It requires Nucor to build an enclosure and a larger baghouse for the melt shop to capture and collect particulate and manganese emissions. Construction must be completed within 21 months.

In addition, the company is required to perform stack testing for manganese to determine the level of the manganese emissions from the melt shop before and after the construction.

The company also agreed to move most of its slag processing operation away from the Cheney Avenue mill. The new location cannot be adjacent to the mill and will be subject to Ohio EPA approval. Only the quenching, ball dropping and quenched slag load-out operations can remain at Nucor’s Marion property. A three-sided enclosure will be constructed and the facility will implement a water spray to reduce particulate emissions from the remaining slag operation.

Other terms of the settlement require Nucor to develop a system to regularly monitor emissions of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides from the mill’s preheat furnace. The company also is to limit steel production to rates specified in its permits.

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