Dispute about Post-Closure Care of CECOS Landfill Resolved

A long-standing dispute about the post-closure care of the CECOS landfill in Clermont County is near resolution following multiple meetings and negotiations between officials from Ohio EPA, Clermont County and Republic Services, owner of the landfill.

As a result, CECOS agreed to conduct additional monitoring of the site over and above what is required by state and federal regulations. The resolution is formally spelled out in a May 2012 agreement in principle.

CECOS agreed to do the additional work with the understanding that the county will not appeal the Ohio EPA-approved amended post-closure care plan.

The amended plan will make the remaining post-closure activities even more protective while assuring continuing ground water monitoring and other activities designed to protect ground water and nearby Harsha Lake, which is a primary drinking water source for many county residents.

To date, no regulated constituents that can be attributed to the CECOS facility have been detected in the ground water detection monitoring network or surface water sampling.

The landfill opened in 1972 and operated until 1988. In 1976, CECOS was permitted to accept industrial hazardous waste. After the landfill was formally closed, a minimum 30-year post-closure plan with conditions requiring regular maintenance and upkeep of the landfill took effect in 1997.

Clermont County Commissioners appealed the post-closure plan to the Ohio Environmental Review Appeals Commission (ERAC), asserting the plan was inadequate. The appeal was resolved in 2007 by establishing a process to address the county’s concerns. The county submitted a petition with suggested changes to the post-closure plan to Ohio EPA’s director in December 2010.

In evaluating the petition, Ohio EPA incorporated some of the county’s individual suggestions based on merit. Because all parties are in agreement in principle on post-closure care, Ohio EPA Director Scott J. Nally formally denied the county’s petition request.

CECOS had submitted an amended post-closure plan in January 2007 followed by a revised plan in January 2012 that addressed concerns Ohio EPA and the county had with the 2007 plan.

As a final attempt to resolve the dispute between CECOS and Clermont County, Director Nally encouraged both parties to meet and work out their differences one final time. As a result of these meetings, the agreement in principle was reached in May 2012.

Significant time and resources have been expended by all parties in an attempt to resolve this appeal. Ohio EPA is optimistic that along with the changes to the amended post-closure plan and the additional items CECOS has agreed to do for the county, all parties can now move forward.


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