Eastern Sandusky County Environmental Investigation

Ohio EPA developed this page to provide citizens with easy access to public documents regarding the ongoing environmental investigation being conducted to assist the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and Sandusky County Health Department (SCHD) in their investigation of a higher than expected number of childhood cancer diagnoses in Clyde, Ohio, and the surrounding area. Only updates from Ohio EPA will be found on this site.

The documents posted below are listed by date.

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In December 2007, Ohio EPA was contacted by Sandusky County Health Department (SCHD) to discuss the findings of a collaborative study with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) regarding childhood cancer in the eastern Sandusky County area. Ohio EPA was asked to participate in a January 2008 meeting with the families of children affected by cancer. During this meeting, ODH and SCHD reviewed the final cancer case review with the families. Ohio EPA met with the families in March 2008 to discuss information regarding the environmental conditions in their area.

Both ODH and SCHD have worked with the affected families to try to determine whether any of the cancers diagnosed have similarities in terms of exposure or origin. If these similarities had occurred, it could give investigators information about where to focus additional environmental investigations. To date, both health departments’ work with the affected families has not revealed any environmental similarities.

Ohio EPA has conducted additional investigations such as air monitoring, both short-term and long-term, throughout the area and has evaluated drinking water quality, both public water systems and residential wells. No environmental risk that could be related to a cancer cause was identified. The Agency also has evaluated area companies’ compliance with environmental laws and reviewed all existing information on local conditions to look for any unusual environmental conditions or areas that the Agency felt merited further investigation. Again, no environmental risk related to a cancer-causing agent or condition was identified.

Ohio EPA’s role has been to assist our local and state health partners in the investigation of potential sources of past or current contamination to which the residents of eastern Sandusky County may have been exposed. Should either health department request that Ohio EPA investigate additional environmental areas or conditions, the Agency is prepared to assist.

Document Repository

Ohio EPA has established a document repository for Agency documents generated during the environmental health investigation.  You may request to view documents at the Reference Desk at the Clyde Public Library, 222 W. Buckeye St., Clyde.

Document Title/Subject
December 16, 2008
January 23, 2009
April 16, 2009
April 20, 2009
November 2009 Addendum to Drinking Water Quality Sampling to Support the Ohio Department of Health Childhood Cancer Investigation, City of Clyde and Surrounding Townships Summary of June 2009 Pesticide Sampling Results [PDF]
November 2009 Childhood Cancer Among Residents of Eastern Sandusky County (Progress Report) [PDF]
May 2010 Air Quality Report for Clyde and Green Springs [PDF]
June 2010 Biological and Water Quality Study of the Sandusky Bay Tributaries, 2009 [PDF]
November 2010 Drinking Water Sample Results, November 2010 [PDF]
May 2011
Childhood Cancer in Eastern Sandusky County, 1996-2010: A Profile of 21 Cases [PDF]
Sandusky County Health Department and Ohio Department of Health, Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, Bureau of Health Promotion and Risk Reduction

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