Recycling and Litter Prevention Grants

Ohio EPA's competitive grants provide opportunities for communities, local governments, businesses and non-profit organizations to establish and implement recycling, recycling market development, litter prevention and scrap tire recycling programs.

Grants are awarded on an annual basis. Applications are generally available in October and the deadline for application is early February.

If you have questions regarding any of these grant packages, please contact Chet Chaney at (614) 728-0043.




Community Development Grants allow Ohio communities to support and expand community recycling and litter prevention efforts. Grants provide funding for equipment to support recycling collection and materials processing. Those eligible to apply include municipal corporations, counties, townships, villages, state colleges or universities, solid waste management districts and authorities, park districts, health districts, statewide recycling and litter prevention trade associations, non-profit organizations and state agencies. The grant requires 50 percent matching funds to be available and spent on the approved project. The grant period is 12 months in duration.

Litter Management Grants allow Ohio communities, local government agencies and non-profit organizations to support litter and tire amnesty collection projects. Additionally, grant funding is available to support Keep Ohio beautiful (KOB) Communities and KOB activities. Grant proposals must include an actual clean-up activity to take place on public land or public waterways. The applicant must include a commitment to provide 10 percent matching funds. The grant period is 12 months in duration.

Market Development Grants are offered to Ohio businesses and non-profit organizations that propose to create equipment infrastructure for successful markets of recyclable materials and related products. Applicants must be sponsored by an eligible governmental agency who will serve as the grant applicant and a pass-through agency for documenting and receiving funds. The applicant must include a commitment to provide 100 percent matching funds. The grant has a maximum duration of 24 months.

Scrap Tire Grants provide financial assistance to Ohio’s businesses, communities and non-profit organizations to convert manufacturing operations to accept scrap tire material, expand tire processing operations or utilize scrap tire material in civil engineering construction projects or manufactured products. Businesses or non-profit organizations must secure a local government sponsor to serve as the grant applicant. Applicants must commit to providing 100 percent matching funds. The grant has a maximum duration of 24 months.

Important Dates

Oct. 1

Applications Available


Nov. 14

Information Webinar


Feb. 1

Application Deadline


Oct. 23

Information Meeting