7/26/2017 - Tuscarawas Village Receives Ohio EPA Financing for Asset Management Plan
Ohio EPA is providing Tuscarawas village with a $35,000 loan to go toward funding an asset management plan that will assist the village in optimizing the function of their water system. read more...
7/26/2017 - Oregon Changing Sewage Biosolids System to End Practice of Land Application
The city of Oregon is receiving a loan from Ohio EPA to build a new sewage biosolids dewatering system that will allow the material to be sent to a landfill rather than applying it to cropland. read more...
7/25/2017 - Sandusky County Village Improving Wastewater Treatment Plant; Receiving Funding from Ohio EPA
The village of Lindsey will improve its wastewater treatment plant with help from an Ohio EPA loan to cover the cost of designing the project. read more...
7/21/2017 - Ohio EPA Assists City of Akron with Sewer Improvements
Ohio EPA is providing six loans to the City of Akron for continued upgrades to the city’s sewer system. The loans, totaling more than $51 million, will help the city achieve its goal of dramatically reducing the number of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) that release to the local waterways during periods of heavy precipitation. read more...
7/20/2017 - Ohio EPA Announces Environmental Scholarship Winners
Ohio EPA is awarding $30,000 in scholarships to 12 environmental science and engineering students attending Ohio’s colleges and universities. Each student will receive $2,500 from Ohio’s Environmental Education Fund. read more...

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Great Lakes Brewing Company Achieves Gold Level E3 Award
Ohio EPA Director Craig W. Butler recently honored the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland with a flag-raising event to bring to the fore its many achievements as environmental stewards in its community. The company has achieved gold-level recognition in Ohio EPA’s Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) program. learn more...