Geographic Information Systems

The Ohio EPA depends on GIS technology to bring its data into geographic context. 

The GIS Office, within the Office of Information Technology Services, manages geospatial data, applications and services to effectively characterize environmental data for the citizens of Ohio.

We provide maps, environmental data and web applications that support Agency programs and communicate locations and key information about environmental facilities, advisories and monitoring information. We also collaboratively engage with other federal, state and local GIS programs to provide the public with the best available geospatial information.

GIS brings transparency and accountability to government by engaging citizens through dynamic, interactive maps and gives you the power to:

  • create maps
  • integrate information
  • visualize scenarios
  • present powerful ideas, and
  • develop effective solutions
 Geographic Information System Contacts
Simpson, Bridget
GIS Coordinator
(614) 644-0043
White, David
Environmental Specialist
(614) 644-3677
McClay, Rich
Geographic Information Mapping System Specialist
(614) 644-3035
Nguyen, Lap
Software Development Specialist
(614) 644-2803