OAC Chapter 3745-40 Sewage Sludge

The following is a complete list of the rules in Chapter 3745-40 of the Ohio Administrative Code.  More information about Ohio's sewage sludge program is available here.

Download the entire Chapter 3745-40 here (PDF 192k), or download individual rules below.

  • Table of Contents (PDF 8k)

  • 3745-40-01 Definitions (PDF 35k)

  • 3745-40-02 Purpose, applicability, general requirements, exclusions and prohibitions (PDF 10k)

  • 3745-40-03 NPDES permit requirements and management plan requirements (PDF 12k)

  • 3745-40-04 Biosolids classifications (PDF 22k)

  • 3745-40-05 Notice and necessary information requirements for biosolids and other notification requirements (PDF 83k)

  • 3745-40-06 Authorization for a beneficial use site, site transfer requirements and site amendment requirements for class B biosolids (PDF 32k)

  • 3745-40-07 Requirements for the storage of biosolids: isolation distance requirements and requirements for field and regional facility storage (PDF 14k)

  • 3745-40-08 Requirements for the beneficial use of biosolids: general requirements, prohibitions, isolation distance requirements, site specific requirements, and additional site restrictions for the beneficial use of class B biosolids (PDF 30k)

  • 3745-40-09 Approved sampling methods, monitoring frequency requirements, record retention and annual reporting requirements (PDF 45k)

  • 3745-40-10 Facility storage requirements (PDF 10k)

  • 3745-40-11 Signage requirements for beneficial use sites receiving class B biosolids (PDF 9k)

  • 3745-40-12 Compliance and enforcement; and spill notification requirements (PDF 10k)