Discharging Household Sewage Treatment Systems - General Permits

Ohio EPA has issued two general National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for select new and replacement discharging household sewage treatment systems. Though effluent limitations, monitoring, record keeping and siting criteria for the two permits are identical, implementation or the determination of coverage under the applicable general NPDES permit is different.

General NPDES permit OHK000002 allows the local board of health where the household sewage treatment system is be located to determine eligibility or coverage under the permit. Under the conditions and criteria of general NPDES permit OHL000002, Ohio EPA will be responsible for making this determination.

In either case, coverage under the general NPDES permits cannot be granted if the residence can be served by an onsite soil absorption system or connected to sanitary sewers and only the local board of health can make this determination. Therefore, any residence or property owner should first contact the local board of health to determine the proper course of action.