Credible Data - References

Credible Data is a program that classifies surface water monitoring performed by watershed groups, state agencies, schools, local volunteers and other organizations. Ohio EPA uses the data submitted under the program in ways prescribed by State law.

Data from Other State Agencies

Through Amended House Bill 43 the Ohio General Assembly instructed all State agencies to submit any data in their possession on surface water quality to Ohio EPA. In the administrative rules for the program Ohio EPA has indicated that data is to be submitted on an annual basis, or more frequently, beginning March 31, 2007. Ohio EPA will provide additional instructions on this at a later date.

The Credible Data Online Application (CDOA) is now accessible online through Ohio EPA's eBusiness Center. Data must be submitted through this system to be officially accepted as credible data, with the exception of Level 3 biological data. All Level 3 fish and macroinvertebrate data must be submitted using paper data sheets in accordance with the data reporting requirements in the Credible Data rules (OAC 3745-4). Additional information about submitting data through the CDOA, including the CDOA User’s Guide, is available on the Submission of Data page.

Do other State Agencies have to be Qualified Data Collectors (QDCs) or Qualified Data Collection Organizations (QDCOs) and submit study plans?

No. The law exempts Ohio EPA, it contractors, other state environmental agencies (but not their contractors), U.S. EPA and its contractors from these requirements. State environmental agency is defined in rule 3745-4-02 as:

  • The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency;
  • The Ohio Department of Natural Resources;
  • The Bureau of Environmental Health in the Division of Prevention in the Ohio Department of Health;
  • The livestock environmental permitting program in the Ohio Department of Agriculture;
  • The Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations in the State Fire Marshal division of the Ohio Department of Commerce; and
  • The Office of Environmental Services in the Ohio Department of Transportation.