Solid Waste Management Planning

The State Plan represents Ohio's plan for reducing the state's reliance on landfills for the management of solid waste generated in the state.

The overriding responsibility of the Planning Unit is to work with the Solid Waste Management Advisory Council (SWAC) to create, update, and monitor implementation of the State Solid Waste Management Plan (State Plan). The State Plan establishes waste reduction and recycling goals to be achieved by the state and establishes strategies for the appropriate management of the state's solid waste stream. Implementation of the programs that allow Ohio to achieve the waste reduction goals is performed by a variety of state and local officials.  Most of these officials work for or represent solid waste management districts (SWMDs). Thus, the Planning Unit spends a great deal of time providing technical assistance to and coordinating the activities of the solid waste management districts.  The ultimate objective of Ohio's solid waste management planning unit is to ensure that the SWMDs provide for adequate disposal capacity for solid waste generated in the state and that residents, businesses, and industries in Ohio have access to and participate in recycling opportunities.

This page is intended as an information clearinghouse for solid waste management districts (SWMDs) and others with interest in solid waste management in Ohio.

Annual District Reports (ADRs)

ADR Form and Instructions

Instructions for completing and blank copies of the current ADR form are available here:

ADR Instructions (pdf)

ADR Form (pdf)

The complete ADR form and "Status of Plan Implementation" table must be submitted to Ohio EPA no later than June 1st of each year. The required "Status of Plan Implementation" table is specific to each SWMD. This table is obtained by contacting the Ohio EPA representative responsible for your SWMD. Refer to the Planning Unit Assignments by County to find the appropriate contact information.

ADR Review Forms (SWMD Recycling and Disposal Data):






Data, Reports and Studies

Available Ohio EPA Recycling Data

Facility Data Reports (Waste Disposal Data)









Solid Waste Imports and Exports








Fact Sheets


Planning Information


SWMDs must prepare their solid waste management plans (plans) in a format prescribed by Ohio EPA.
District Solid Waste Management Plan Format Version 3.0 (GD# 198)
Draft District Solid Waste Management Plan Format, Version 4.0

State Solid Waste Management Plan (State Plan)

Executive Summary from the 2009 State Solid Waste Management Plan
2009 State Solid Waste Management Plan
State Plan Fact Sheet

Older versions can be found here:

1995 State Plan

2001 State Plan

Plan Update Schedule

Solid Waste Management District Plan Update Schedule

Plan Ratification Fact Sheet

Ratification of SWMD Solid Waste Management Plans (GD# 655)

SWMD Consultants List

SWMD Consultants List (Involved in Solid Waste Planning)

Planning Related Links

ODSA Population Estimates by County, City, Village and Township
ODSA Population Projections
Ohio Job Outlook

SWMD Fee Information

Quarterly Fee Report and Instructions

This blank copy of the Quarterly Fee Report is available as well as the SWMD Quarterly Fee Report Instruction Manual.

Completed quarterly fee report forms are to be submitted to Ohio EPA based on the following schedule:

  • 1st Quarter (January 1 March 31) due May 15th
  • 2nd Quarter (April 1 June 30) due August 15th
  • 3rd Quarter (July 1 September 30) due November 15th
  • 4th Quarter (October 1 December 31) due February 15th

SWMD Fee Summary Reports






SWMD Fee Structure

A summary of SWMD revenue sources is shown in the SWMD Fee Structure.

Fee Ratification Fact Sheet

Ratification of SWMD Disposal Fees - Draft (GD# 594)

Fee Rules

The revised Solid Waste Fee Rules are available.

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    Ohio EPA/SWMD Workgroup

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    To identify the Ohio EPA planner assigned to your SWMD, refer to this list of Planning Unit Assignments by County. For SWMD contact information, refer to the SWMD Coordinators and Policy Committee Chairpersons List or the information on the Map of Solid Waste Management Districts.

    Regulatory Research and Solid Waste Management Districts Section
    Sarvis, Harry
    Manager (614) 644-3519
    Supervisor, SWMD  (614) 728-5355
    SWMD Plans, SWMD Workgroup, 592 Review (614) 728-5317
    Hittle, Matthew SWMD Plans, Quarterly Reports (614) 728-5369
    Schramm, Cassandra   SWMD Plans, Quarterly Fee Reports,
    Reporting Coordinator
    (614) 728-5325 
    Stall, Ernest  State Plan, SWMD Plans, State Plan 
    (614) 728-5356